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.......... selected from amongst the best professionals and our courses are updated time to time to reflect the needs of the education system and nation. Studying at Shri Narheji Law College is not just about education, it is about growth in all the areas of your personal and professional life. Therefore, no matter which programme you wish to pursue at the college, I assure you of a great learning experience and our continued support with your career thereafter.

        Education should develop in children a commitment to the values enshrined in the constitution of India; these values are respect for democracy, understanding the importance of equality, justice, freedom, concern for others well being, respect for secularism, human dignity and rights.

        Appreciation of beauty and art forms is an integral part of human life. Education must have the way for a child to develop and increase his/her creative expression. Education should promote values that faster peace, humanness and tolerance in a multicultural society.

“We provide excellent facilities, trust and confidence to the students right from the admission to the Graduation. No doubt studying at MITS will be a fruitful one. By enrolling in this college, you find the learning experience rewarding and worth cherishing.”

Vijay Kumar Singh


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